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Long term rental

Long term rental      

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JVS now have a fantastic range of cars, vans and trucks for long term rental.

Contracts range from 6 months to 3 years, with the option to purchase the vehicle on completion of the contract.

The long term rental is a great option for many, from a sole trader up to a large corporate mixed fleet.

Long term rental is designed to reduce the costs of running a vehicle for your business by covering the maintenance and care so that you never need to worry about any big, surprise repair bills.

The rental vehicle will be a new one so your business will always have a professional new looking fleet.

Benefits of Long term rental

  • No maintenance costs

  • No vehicle depreciation cost

  • Replacement vehicle if your vehicle is off the road

  • Break down and recovery cover locally

  • Latest model vehicle on contract renewals

  • Flexible Hire period

  • Delivery and collection

  • Great value

Your only responsibilities

  • Provide a copy of comprehensive insurance cover

  • Tyre and wheel maintenance

JVS have many rental vehicles

  • Cars

  • Vans of all sizes

  • Tipper trucks, single or double cab

  • Luton vans with tail lifts

  • 4x4 and pickup trucks

Give Neil a call or email to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements,

Call 07797 797 834 or email